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Evgeniya Kurtina born 1987, Moscow, USSR.  Started practicing photography from her early youth and in 2012 graduated in fashion photography at British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow. 

Simultaneously, she was professionally developing in advertisement field managing special project campaigns for some major global brands across various media, from digital to television. She wrapped a successful decade in the advertisement business before deciding to dedicate herself fully to photography.
Nowadays, Evgeniya works as a freelance photographer in different genres.

Evgeniya’s artistic interest lies in abstract street photography and fashion photography. Believing that we can find beauty everywhere around, even in trash, she wishes for people to be more connected to their inner child, stop taking life too seriously, and appreciate the present moment.


Graduated British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, Fashion photography department in 2012.

Mentor – photographer Jegor Zaika. ​

Participation in group exhibitions

2020 - May, "Art & Fashion", HAZEGALLERY, Berlin

2015 - Eastreet 3. Lublin, Poland.

2014 - "Coffee, city, book, a night". Within the annual festival "Biblionoch", in partnership with De'Longhi company.

2013 - Sahart III, Saharny zavod. Moscow, Russia.

2012 - The Best of Russia, Winzavod. Moscow, Russia.

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